Software Development

We are specialised in software for database publishing. Database publishing is everything that has to do with structured data and getting this data published in any way - on the internet, on paper, on CD-ROM and electronically.
At the beginning there is always a data source. The simpliest data source is an Excel file, a more complex data source is a database like Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL or similar.
We create those databases for you. Easy and simple to use, with stunning functionality. You can even get all the tools that are needed to get all the structured data into a flyer, catalogue or online shop. We support Adobe InDesign for Macintosh and Windows, CorelDraw X6 and X7 and if needed QuarkXPress for Macintosh as well. For the internet and online shops we use the open standards Apache, MySQL, PHP, Prestashop and Magento.


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